about me

Vulnerability time,

Just in case you didn’t know, I value vulnerability and transparency so much. They are what help us relate to each other and help each other out. Without them, we couldn’t share our testimonies and reveal who we really are. So here is my chance to invite you in…

On the surface, I am a married college student who is pursuing a call to be a teacher. Those public school children need love and support, which I want to provide them. I live in Southern California with my husband and we both love and serve the Lord.

That brings me to my testimony.

I didn’t always serve God. I grew up in a family that believed there was a God, but we didn’t practice. By practice, I mean we did not read the Bible, go to church, pray, or involve God in any way . I always had a curiosity about God, but I never pursued Him.

God, however, was moving His hand in my life, and would change it radically. Around middle school was the time I started to struggle with anxiety (social and general) and depression. I struggled with feelings of worthlessness, and for eight years, these feelings would invade my life. There were many times I wanted to commit suicide, but God intervened.

Around the same time my parents separated and were getting divorced. It was this painful time that would finally push my family to seek God. In 2012, we started attending church. I grew an interest in everything Jesus, but it wasn’t until I attended a high school retreat in 2013 that I completely feel in love with Him. There, I made the decision to dedicate my life to God. Since then, the Lord has healed my parents’ marriage and influenced my life in many ways.

I have many stories of where God took me. He lead me to my husband, and to college, and to finally break free from my depression. It is true that I struggled with depression even as a Christian, but I now know that every sad feeling came from the lies that Satan fed me. He told me I had no value. But God won. His love is far greater than the enemy’s power and the good Lord broke that chain.

I am still in the healing process, and that is okay. Victory is mine.

I left out a lot of details, but don’t hesitate on asking questions. You can contact me through this site and I would be happy to answer your questions. If you need support with depression and anxiety, you may also contact me in confidence, and I can give you friendly advice and encouragement. But keep in mind that it is okay to see a good Christian counselor!

With love,