Cheap Fillers

I have a really messed up diet.

Spiritual diet that is. (Not that my physical one is good either, but it’s improving!)

There are lessons that can be learned from our physical diets that can teach us about our spiritual diets. Of course, we don’t actually eat stuff to make us fill spiritually, but our diets consist of things we use in our lives to give us our drives and contentment. You can rely on God for your energy, or other things, which we call idols. So ask yourself, “what is keeping me going?”

Here is where your actually physical diet takes place. I am not sure if you are aware, but many of the foods we eat contain “cheap fillers.” These are ingredients that help “bulk up” the food which yields to more product at a cheaper cost (cite). In between your slice of bread, you have these filler ingredients that were used to make your bread bigger or even make it cook faster, or last longer. While this might sound appealing because world hunger is a sad known reality and we don’t like to spend an arm and a leg to go grocery shopping,  the cost might literally be your whole body. These filler ingredients lack nutritional value, and sometimes they are more destructive than helpful. I really discovered filler foods when I started to research how to find good dog food. That means we use filler ingredients in our food, our pets’ food, and quite possibly our spiritual food. Not only that, but I am guilty of eating chips, sugary drinks, and other terrible (and sadly delicious) foods to satisfy my hunger and cravings.

I am not trying to guilt you into a physical diet, but I am making a tangible connection. From the above examples, we can see it is pretty easy to consume things that do not give us long term benefits. All these fillers do for us is they fill us for the moment. Is that all I want?

After thinking about the cheap fillers in my life, I thought about my spiritual life. I wondered if I was filling my spiritual belly with cheap fillers. Unfortunately, I realized that I was. While my main fill is my serving of Jesus’ grace and God’s word, I realized I was adding on sides of cheap fillers. One of my favorite cheap fillers is acceptance from people. I realized that I wanted this so bad that I suffered from depression from the rejection I received in my life, almost to the point of death. If I had relied on God to make me content, I would never have suffered that way! This filler continues to rob me of happiness and contentment. It is a cheap filler that has no nutritional value to my spiritual life! I end up feeling empty and weak because the things of this world were never meant to satisfy me. While they fill my spiritual belly for a short time, they never nourish me and make me stronger!

Cheap fillers can be anything and everything! We use things like sex, money, fame, relationships, and the list goes on! I challenge you to have the Lord examine your hearts and reveal what you are filling your spiritual belly with. It might be harder to get rid of cheap fillers in your physical diet, but you have more control over your spiritual diet. God’s satisfying word is at the tip of your fingers and rests on your lips. It’s so easy to get fulfillment from God, so take it! Don’t miss out on the great stuff and fill your life with junk. It’s cheap, it’s useless, it’s junk!


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