Reboot and Purposed

Hello everyone! I want to apologize for my long absence! I had a lot of healing to do and I want to say I am back and better than ever! 

So in this post, I want to go over some quick grounder stuff and then I’ll give ya’ a nice little thought to close with. Let’s begin, shall we?

Well I plan on posting once a week now. I am not sure which day to post on, so I will announce that in my next post, but I would love your input on what day you think I should post on every week. Even if it doesn’t matter that much, I want to involve YOU, since I am here to serve God by serving you! That in mind, please help by answering this handy dandy poll!

Also, I am doing reconstruction on the site again (like always hehe) and I want your thoughts. You can tell me if you would like to see something specific so I can work on adding it, or if something looks horrendous/buggy please comment/contact me! This is super important so you can add a comment by clicking on the post title above and scrolling to the bottom where you will find a postcard-looking thing.

Before I move on, just wanted to let you guys know about the change in my site’s name. I figured, as Christians, we are no longer lost, but we are found. However we still have a journey in life so please invite yourself into reading the home page which will have more insight on that!


Anyways, I want to talk about a beautiful word. Purposed. Just say that like 30 times- not really, but it’s such a beautiful word. The meaning behind it is powerful.

The dictionary states:


the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.


an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal.


determination; resoluteness. resolve (to do something): …

By that we see that you can “be purposed” and you can “purpose.” It’s a noun and a verb. And let me tell you, you are SOOOOOO purposed! You are “intended” and have a “desired result” by the one and only God! The creator of the universe and heavens and Earth has purposed you! He has intended you for a greater purpose, and on a smaller scale, He purposes you wherever you at whatever time. This a great for my spirit to know. I struggle with rejection so remembering that I am purposed in my place, I feel so reassured and loved when I may not be invited to a gathering or a friend doesn’t contact me for a long time. If God wanted me to be with “_____” or be at “_____” I would have been there. But God wants me where I am.

Also, “purposed” is beautiful as a verb. It’s a word with determination and strength. It gives you power to make a change or fulfill an action. For example, if you aren’t a Christian, you can purpose to have all this goodness! You can make that choice to invite God into your heart, and He will do the rest! Or for me, I can purpose to live a healthier lifestyle. By purposing something, you imply the intention to wake (spend time with Jesus with I purpose to do (; ) and take action by purposing to go workout!

I want you guys to be encouraged because you are purposed, and you can purpose. You are all beautiful people with wonderful stories. Don’t forget that! Love you all and don’t forget to give me your insight and opinions!