When you think of the ocean, what kind of characteristics do you give it?


  • large
  • infinite
  • mysterious
  • lively
  • beautiful
  • calming
  • wild
  • and so much more!

The cool thing is, we can attribute these characteristics to God’s grace and the love He has for us. I see the Christian walk as a journey in the vast seas. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing, and other times there are rocky and stormy waves. As we explore this ocean called life, we find that it is completely made up of God; His very being is in the essence of all we experience. So just as Hillsong’s “Captain” entails, we let the stars (His word) guide us through the calm and stormy seas of life.

This blog will be filled with my experiences with God so that you may partake in the goodness of the faith driven life with me! So with that said, I am Sierra and I am happy to welcome you to Faith at Sea!

Come explore with me~